The only beach resort with a private and safe swimming beach in Ghana.

Beach Resort, Boutique Hotel or "Hotel de charme"  Lou Moon lodge is located on a 24 acres land covered by jungle and forest, and lies amid a beautiful bay surrounded by sandy beaches.

On the shore of this natural swimming pool, protected from the ocean waves by an enchanting peninsula, the Lodge provides with eleven rooms ranging from the peaceful and quiet hilllside rooms to the exquisite Island executive bungalows located on a private island.

Nearby the beaches our guests will enjoy the open bar and the restaurant serving an exquisite world cuisine.

The new Island Cape Executive Chalets

Two individual chalets nestled on the exclusive cap of Lou Moon’s private island. A family suite and a honeymoon suite created to satisfy your ultimate comfort and relaxation. The theme of spaciousness continues from your large bedroom to a luxurious bathroom overlooking your private infinity pool.